MatrixedLink X Injective

Matrixed.Link, a leading DLT service provider, joins Injective Protocol as a top-tier validator.
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Exciting news! Matrixed.Link, a leading DLT service provider, has joined Injective Protocol's group of top-tier validators. This move is a crucial step in creating a decentralized financial network championed by Injective, fostering a more inclusive and efficient financial system.

Matrixed.Link's journey began with two years of running critical infrastructure for the Chainlink Network, building a robust tech-stack. Now, as part of Injective, they run oracles, validators, and premium endpoints for various leading Web3 projects, aiming to contribute to the rapidly growing Web3 economy.

Injective Protocol, a cutting-edge open interoperable smart contract platform, offers plug-and-play financial infrastructure, a core exchange module with advanced capabilities, 10,000+ TPS, and interoperability with multiple layer 1s, including Polygon and Solana.

Matrixed.Link's motivation to join Injective stems from the opportunity to play a key role in Web3's expansion. Injective's features, such as automatic smart contract execution and the $INJ utility token, further enhance its appeal.

In the words of Matrixed.Link, "We recognized that being active in the growing Web3 ecosystem would bring us many opportunities to contribute towards a decentralized future."

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